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There are so many cool places to visit while touring the UK that are ideal for family holidays, romantic honeymoons, and tourist destinations. Here are top 5 places you must include in your to-do list if you ever find yourself in this beautiful country;

  1. Yorkshire; there is a reason why visitors flock to this great destination often referred to as “god’s own county”. The cuisine reputation of Yorkshire is now considered to be the best in Britain. This is where you will find some of the top restaurants seated in tranquil settings away from the clogged streets of London. You definitely want to get a glimpse of the sheer beauty this county has to offer. It is no wonder that some of the great painters and artist have found their inspiration from it. If you are the kind of person who loves heritage tourism then you will enjoy visiting here as you study the grand old cities.
  2. Cotswold; those who have visited this glorious destination will attest to the fact that it is a collection of amazing galleries, vibrant festivals and intriguing museums. All the seasons from summer to winter have their own intriguing aspect. Long evenings in the summer and cool winter stays coupled with lowered hotel prices are some of its trademarks.
  3. Devon; picnic and pub gardens create a wholesome picnic setting for the family in this great destination. The magnificent north and coat beaches as well as outdoor food are what makes Devon are a must place to be. The county has a nice blend of countryside and outdoor living with choicest farm foods and drinks like seafood, pork and apple juice.
  4. Norfolk; whether you decide to cycle, walk or tour by car, the county offers a great village experience here. The beaches are great for dog walking or just lone walking moments as you inhale the fresh air. Lots of shopping markets for gift buying.
  5. London; there is always a good thing about being caught up in a cosmopolitan city like London where people form practically all background flock to visit each year. Acquire the skill of benefiting from diversity. Discover the new project developments like the Crossrail and emerging skyscrapers. The city is buzzing with great restaurants, bars and theatres. There are lots of musicfestivals and of you are the party animal this is definitely the pace to be.

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