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Preventing the Cockroaches from your house is the easiest one when compared to other pests. Proper sanitation helps to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen cabinet. The prevention process is the same as the treatment process if you missed out on any one of the sanitations. It will result in the risk of prevention.

Even the simple washing and regular sweeping help to get rid of cockroaches naturally without using any chemical measures.

Pest control is not a messy job if you have a handy pest control team in London like Pest Exterminators.

Control steps with home products 

We have examined some of the householding products to treat the cockroaches out from your kitchen area

get rid of cockroaches

Soap water

Spraying soapy water on cockroaches will affect their life. Pouring of soap water on cockroaches makes them to death immediately. The soapy solution affects their pores instantly.


  1. Mix soap in a warm water an make it into the solution
  1. Take the solution on the sprayer
  1. Spray the solution on the cockroaches

Lemon or citrus fruit

The smells of lemon or any citrus fruit keep away the cockroaches from the kitchen area. The citrus smell irritates the cockroaches and lets them leave your kitchen instantly after the use.


  • Let few drops of lemon on the warm water
  • While mopping the kitchen floor, use this solution
  • You can also the spray the citrus mixed solution directly on the cockroaches

Pepper, Garlic and Onion solution 

how to get rid of cockraochesThe smell of garlic and pepper makes all the cockroaches away from its place. These products are almost available in all the kitchen. The combination of these three products helps to get rid of the cockroaches quickly.


  • Take one hand full of onion and garlic and peel of it
  • Take some pepper balls and crush them into the rough powder
  • Take a vessel and boil the pepper along with the crushed garlic and onion
  • Take a solution in the spray bottle.
  • Gently spray the solution on the kitchen basement and stovetop at night

Morning you can inspect a lot of dead cockroaches on the kitchen floor.


The smell of Cinnamon also much effective to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen 


  • Make cinnamon to fine powder or also you can keep as stick
  • Boil water in a vessel and add the cinnamon
  • Make the cinnamon to boil and the water level will decrease into half
  • Sweep the floor with this water to eliminate the cockroaches


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