Things You Should Consider When Choosing Granite Colors That Create A Calming Bathroom

A perfect bathroom shouldn’t be about just hopping in for a quick shower, and then out to dress up. Rather, the bathroom should be a calm and soothing place, where you enjoy your shower and can spend as much time as possible without feeling constrained to chuck out. Nowadays, home owners are increasingly becoming aware of this simple fact, and are going to great lengths just to give their bathrooms that magic touch. Often, it has to do with how you design the bathroom, the colors you choose for the walls, ceiling, floor, and how they all complement one another!

  • Over the past several decades, granite has emerged as the unrivaled top choice of many bathroom owners looking to give their bathroom a unique touch.
  • Granite is known for its durability, it’s expensive and has a unique look; it has been greatly portrayed in Hollywood Movies as the epitome of a perfectly designed bathroom. Besides, granite seems to get along well with water; it dries up quickly and doesn’t soak in any water.
  • Now, when it comes to the Granite colors that can create a calming effect, you need to consider so many things. In most cases, light colors tend to give the bathroom an inviting and calming feel. Dark colors on the other hand are dull, boring, and not the kind that would sooth your exhausted soul even for an instant.
  • In that regard, professional interior designers recommend that one can try a color like sky blue, or cream, or pure white. Sky blue is particularly unique in that it gives a calming effect from the word go, it has a similar feel as staring at the sky while lying on your back.
  • Supposing the granite is used only on the floor, or on the walls of the bathroom, rather than being used all over? In such an instance, you’d have to consider the colors of the walls, in order to decide the most ideal color for the tiles. Again, you don’t want the bathroom to be too overly bright, and deny your eyes the proper lighting that would calm you down after a tiring day at work.


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