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Keeping Your Home Safe While on Holiday

Holidays are good for us all, we enjoy the special moments when we get to rest and relax; spend quality time with our friends and family. Often, we make plans and arrangements for the holiday, ensuring that all bookings are done, that everything is really streamlined. We then proceed to leave for the holiday, and spend time having fun and unwinding. However when the holiday is over and it’s time to get back home, we are met with a rude shock; a broken into home, valuable items missing. Then the regret kicks in; I wish I took more caution, I wish I had left someone behind to look after the house. Well, you can avoid such sorry scenarios;

    1. Always ensure that your door locks are safe and sound before leaving for holiday. You can try getting a reputable locksmith to come over and help conduct a quick check just to ascertain that everything is working and in order.
    2. Secondly, always ensure that you lock all doors and windows to your home before leaving to vacation. Regardless of whether you’ll be gone for a day, weeks, or months, always loc up all doors. It’s not enough that the gate and main door are locked; the bedroom, kitchen, and all other rooms must be locked as well. see more on
    3. It is also extremely advisable that you inform at least one neighbor that your won’t be around. Burglars will take advantage of your absence especially if they see you loading travel bags to depart. A neighbor may assume that any strangers coming to your home are regular visitors or acquaintances visiting you; but when you have informed them that you’ll be away, you can always get notified of any suspicious characters around.
    4. Be very careful with what you post on your social media when away on holiday. Most home intruders and burglars can target your movements online, seeing where you are posting your photos from. Once they are sure that your are away from home with your entire family, they know that it is time to pounce. We are not saying that posting photos is bad. But rather, be cautious; don’t reveal too much and keep your travel arrangements confidential
    5. Lastly, you can consider leaving someone behind to look after the home when you’re away. It could be a relative or someone close that you can trust to stay behind the few days you’re away.

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